Mumbai Vegan Pathshala at Ghatkopar

World Vegan Vision, Mumbai  is organising FREE event.  Mumbai Vegan Pathshala. 🌟

Date: 18th September, 2022, Sunday. 

Time: 4 PM to 7 PM🌷

Venue: Shivaji Hall, Cama Lane, Ghatkopar East.

The session will be very useful for vegans and aspiring vegans to learn about deeper aspects of vegan lifestyle.✨

Energy Exchange: All are welcome. Registration is compulsory. 

Registration link:

*Event Schedule*: 💫

The event will start at 4 PM with a  *interview documentary film of Prakriti Varshney who is the first Indian vegan woman to reach Mount Everest. It's now a feature length interview documentary, earlier it was just a 30 minutes glimpse*. 🌸🌼This will be followed by Q and A with Prakriti online. At 5.30 PM, we will have a training session conducted by UFCI team which will be about motivation and mock session along with the do's and don'ts of vegan activism💥. 

Finally, we will have networking opportunity and vegan snacks served. Session will end at 7 PM.